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Scaling Everest –a line of code at a time

Sep 4, 2018 / by oktana / In Uncategorized / Leave a comment

It may be a little daunting to find a solution for a legacy application built on the Salesforce platform or one might find the process of having a custom application or lightning component built the equivalent of having to scale Mount Everest. While this might be metaphorical in nature we like to think that a software development cycle is akin to bringing a dedicated team of sherpas along with you to reach the top of a mountain.

Take for instance, how we tackle a potential collaboration with a client. We start out at basecamp with our client and engage them with a full crew of our people in a kickoff call. We like to include everyone from our side who can contribute to the call when we start this process. It can a little funny to see familiar faces from our offices around the globe pop up one after the other in the call, as our clients are momentarily taken aback at the flood of people coming to just ‘listen in”.

We do this because we want the people who engage with us to understand that we are dedicated to ensuring that we have every specification, every document and relevant information we need to proceed to the next step of the climb.

Oktana has a storied past with senior developers at the helm of the company and our developer headcount is 150+ and growing. Once we have all the information we need, contracts are signed and development begins. Our senior developers and the talented developers they carefully mentor start to lead the trek. The theme of the climb is Scrum and our safety ropes are our adherence to guidelines.

As we start to scale our mountain, Oktana creatives, user experience, and visual design teams step in to map how your hike will look and feel. While well-structured code powers the core of the product and relationship building — we take an effort to make sure that the products we build have a matching user experience. We believe that the way the gear fits and looks is just as important as the path we take up the mountain.

On our ascent, Oktana developers constantly work to meet client deadlines and directives. The total development time it takes to summit depends on each individual project’s demands but we always push through until we manage to tag team with our Quality Assurance Automation Engineers. Our QA Engineers work to ensure that User Acceptance Testing passes successfully followed by Release Management.

Just as every climber has a story about a mountain that they’ve conquered — we do too. Each summit that we accomplish is an opportunity or us to learn a little more about who we are, what we are capable of and what we’re here to do. 

Every security review we arduously pass and every satisfied client is another fond memory that we can look down from the summit at what was accomplished and remind ourselves that the journey matters more than the destination.



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