Ask Astro

Ask Astro is a one-stop-shop for Sales and Revenue teams to search for knowledge and create cases to help close sales. Content is aggregated from an internal CRM platform Knowledge base, Google Drive, external sources and curated internally within the app. Ask Astro provides a way for content creators to better position their content to their target audience, generate reports on usage, search efficiency and performance.


The Problem Space:

Sales employees of one of our biggest CRM platform clients needed a more efficient way to search content and information to address daily business issues. Also, multiple data sources had to be looked over in order to retrieve valuable content that provided insights. Finally, the information was not displayed in appropriate filters.

The Solution:

Ask Astro is a stand-alone self-help portal, a Mobile app and a Lightning Component built on the Salesforce platform.

We built the app and included dashboards for it in Einstein Analytics.

In total, we created three dashboards that enable users to search for different content such as Platforms, Products (Ask Astro, Concierge, Org Chart), Date Ranges, Management Chains and a viewer’s information. (A)

These Dashboards also include:

A Content Creator (Publisher) dashboard for each of the teams working on curation, including Search, Usage, and case-related Metrics. (B)

A global usage dashboard detailing how users consume knowledge, search queries, response times, most viewed results, etc. (C)

An Executive dashboard with a focus on User Adoption, User sessions, and performance metrics.  (D)

We wanted to make sure that those in sales could focus on what they do best — closing sales.


INDUSTRY: Deep Technology

STACK: NodeJS, SalesforceDX, Selenium WebDriverIO, Apex, Mockaroo, Visualforce, Lightning, Redux, SQL