Cashforce is a financial tool provided by the IT department — of one of our biggest CRM platform clients– for its treasury team. The application enables capturing and recording of wire requests from various global offices as well as the management and definition of their approval chains.


The Problem Space:

The IT department wanted to enhance the layout and user interaction  of Cashforce. We saw ways in which customers could streamline the process and the need for a feature to segment data and information. While these objectives were imperative, we also thought it important to ensure the privacy and protection of the monetary resources.


The Solution:

We set out to implement a new design flow that enabled users to manage transaction requests efficiently, without any issues or confusion. The information that was displayed on the screen for the user would be segmented based on the user’s role and membership to groups within Cashforce. This would be delivered to assigned users with assignment rules and permission sets (A)

The new application experience also includes  an approval process with triggers which would enable a user to track the exact status of requests and be informed of all financial actions that are taking place (dependant on queues, groups and ownership).

Lightning Components were created to enable users to switch between Classic and the Lightning Experience with ease. (B)

After iterating based on feedback received, we learned that Cashforce users were pleased with the renewed functionality of the tool. Some remarked that the new design made it simpler for users to access information  and perform necessary functions. (C)


INDUSTRY: Financial Services

CLOUD: Salesforce Platform

COUNTRY: United States

STACK: Apex, JavaScript, Lightning