Cumulus Bank

Cumulus Bank is a banking application demo displayed at Salesforce World Tour events to showcase the power, flexibility, and security of the Salesforce platform for banking services.  


The Problem Space:

We sought to build an application that would demonstrate the wide range of applications that were possible with on the Salesforce platform for fin serv. We set many goals with this application such as a retelling of the Cumulus bank story, demonstrate the possibility of a potential global financial service community for Salesforce executives, balance future innovation with the reality of commercialized products, showcase how Salesforce is capable of delivering financial service needs and how it can be used as a partner for financial services.


The Solution:

The application we developed enables banking customers to sign up for accounts, enable banking representatives to then confirm the signups in addition to promoting contextual offers depending on the social profile, demographic, income, and age of the customer. (A)

Oktana worked alongside Salesforce to create a demonstration that explained what the core offerings of Cumulus Bank would be and that provided value by the advanced testing of feature sets that were planned for the Financial Services Cloud for Banking. We also helped create new and exciting features such as SOS for personal recognition, Single Sign-On with Facebook integration, and a native iOS application. (B)

The demo was featured at the Salesforce World Tour in New York City. Matt Cameron, Cumulus Bank Product Owner, stated, “All of the attendees loved it.” Sales Executives expressed much interest in having access to the demo in their own Orgs. ( C )


INDUSTRY: Financial Services

CLOUDS: Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Platform

PRODUCTS: App Cloud, CRM, Mobile

COUNTRY: United States

STACK: Apex, Angular2, Heroku. iOS