Jobscience is a staffing and recruiting platform built entirely on, the world’s leading cloud platform. It covers the entire recruitment process from marketing and sales to billing and payroll and it’s completely cloud-based. All you need to access Jobscience is an internet connection, there’s no software involved to download. When they first launched from an IT recruitment consultancy in Australia, there were many issues with the product, including a lack of integrated collaboration and multiple systems that needed constant maintenance.

When Jobscience reached out to us, they were looking for the right method to link all parts of the functionalities. Our team stepped in and connected the user flow in addition to assisting with front end abilities.¬†We redesigned and rebuilt Jobscience’s existing application to build a smarter, faster-recruiting platform with an advanced filtering system. Users can easily find the right candidate with different kinds of search criteria and look for candidates with specific skill sets, by location or radius. Recruiters can also save these searches, filters, and combinations for future use.

We are currently working with Jobscience to integrate external recruiting APIs, including LinkedIn, Google, Monster, and Indeed into the platform.