Kone Elevators

Kone Elevators provides industry-leading elevators, escalators, auto-walks and access innovative solutions for maintenance and modernization.


The Problem:

Kone Elevators’ mobile application enables field technicians and dispatchers to manage jobs, report progress, and obtain assistance through a variety of features offered through the Snap-Ins SDK product for Service Cloud. However, Kone Elevators’ mobile application was experiencing some performance issues. For example, it would often take an abnormal amount of time to run the main app flow.


The Solution:

JavaScript and React Native were used as a  framework to develop the native apps. We used React Native to newly address issues with the applications’ performance.

The application was developed in three parts, two native modules (iOS and Android) which managed the communication between the Salesforce backend and the frontend, and another module developed in React Native which retrieved information from the native modules and contained the frontend. JavaScript was implemented to replace the Salesforce flows and improve the functionality of the application. After we implemented the changes, the main flows of the application were functioning much faster than before.

Just like an elevator shouldn’t stall — its apps shouldn’t stall either.

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing, Field Of Service

CLOUD: Service Cloud

PRODUCTS: CRM, Workflows, Communities

COUNTRY:  Finland

STACK: JavaScript, ReactJS, React Native